Boston’s 48-hour film festival

Creating is all about taking risks, making mistakes, spurting out embarrassing ideas you hope will never be repeated, and hopefully, emerging from the muck with something great.

Oryou can take the muck, turn it into a video, and put it on your portfolio. Here's a look at what you might find me doing during my free time.

Day 1: A few friends and I decided to sign up for Boston's 48-hour film festival, even though we didn't have any experience making films. The festival website told us we'd get to pick two genres out of a hat and pick between the two. Great! We all thought. Anything but western or slapstick. We got western and slapstick.

Day 2: We wrote, filmed, and edited a short script, making sure to include an egg, an artist, and the line, "You don't have a clue, do you George?" (The festival's rules, not ours.)

Also Day 2: We thoroughly scarred the members of a lovely Quinceañera party as they took beautiful family photos in the park, and we filmed…this.