Back-to-school elixirs

EF Education First loves teachers. Like, really loves ’em. So although the company’s goal is to get teachers out of the classroom and onto an EF tour, we wanted to do something special for them as they returned to the classroom in the fall.

Why this time? Here’s a little secret: While teachers enjoy the start of the school year…they also find it nuts. As their trusted partners, we stepped in to create elixirs that (for scientifically sound reasons) give them quick, virtual escapes. No, they’re not as good as actual travel, but they are designed to fit around teachers’ crazy schedules— meaning educators can enjoy an elixir in between classroom bells, or during one of their rare 30-second bathroom breaks. In the end, this campaign increased brand loyalty and engagement, as it proved we'd always have teachers' backs, even if they weren't currently out on the road with us.

Copywriter: Sarah Bennett

Creative Director: Deb McDermott

Art Direction and design: Rob Whalley

DP & Editor: Jeremy Fraga

Producer: Brian Lemieux

Once teachers told us how they were feeling, we matched them with their perfect elixir.

So nice, we did it twice.

Teachers loved our back-to-school elixirs. But then, our inside sources (read: every teacher ever) told us that going back to school after winter break can also be a struggle. So, we cooked up a new elixir to ring in the new year.